November 12, 2014 | Wedding

5 DIY Wedding Centerpieces

We all know that weddings can get expensive, so why not undertake some easy DIY projects for your upcoming wedding! DIY projects for wedding décor can add a personal touch of elegance and allows you to customize exactly how you’d like – not to mention cuts costs!

1)     Painted Mason Jars

DIY Centerpieces

Painted mason jars are inexpensive and add a rustic flourish to any wedding! Painting the jars to align with the theme of your wedding also makes a pretty touch. These simple but elegant centerpieces are also incredibly easy to make. Visit your local craft store and pick one or more colours of acrylic paint that fits the colour scheme of your wedding. Coat the outside of the jars in paint and leave to dry overnight. To achieve a genuinely ‘rustic’ look, use an old nail file to sand down the jars in small areas. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of your soon-to-be centerpieces, coat with a water and scratch resistant enamel. Leave once again to dry overnight and voila!

*Warning: Do not submerge in water or put in the dishwasher! Only to be wiped down.


2)     Upside Down Wineglasses

A simple and elegant way to spruce up your centerpieces, upside down wine glasses! The upside-down base makes a great candleholder and you can choose whatever fits with your theme to place inside the glass dome. This centerpiece goes without much explanation. Purchase a number of inexpensive wineglasses, fake flowers of your choosing along with your desired colour and shape of (thick based) candle. Turn the wineglasses upside thereby making a dome to display the flower(s) in and a platform to place the candles on!

Upside Down Wine Glasses


3)     Metallic Painted or Glittered Wine Bottles/ Jars

A festive option for an upcoming winter wedding, glitter wine bottles and mason jars! To get started on these fun and easy centerpieces, pick up your desired colour of spray paint, a drop cloth (or newspaper), desired colour of glitter, a variety of empty and cleaned jars and bottles, spray glue, tape, paper towels and a medium to large bowl. Now to get started! Place the bottles and jars on drop cloth or newspaper and spray with your spray paint. Keep a good distance from the bottles to ensure the paint goes on nice and even, and then allow them to dry. Once dry, fill the medium to large bowl with a generous amount of glitter. One at a time, spray a bottle/jar and place in your glitter bowl to coat. Any areas missed, sprinkle the glitter over. If not as glittery as desired, re-spray any areas you have missed and apply more glitter. If you want to get fancy, tape a paper towel approximately 3-5 inches from the bottom of the bottle and spray the glue on the exposed bottom inches. Coat the area generously in glitter and leave to dry. And there you have it! Festive and sparkly centerpieces – on a budget!

Wine Bottles


4)     Flowers Floating in Shallow Bowls

A soft and floral addition to your table is to place the heads of flowers in the water of a shallow bowl. Another option is to also add floating candles! This DIY centerpiece option requires little-to-no work and is an elegant for any wedding theme. With a centerpiece like this you have so much variety! Whether you want to use fresh flowers, fake flowers, candles and a shallow bowl of any shape or size! This is a beautifully versatile option is sure to be an eye catcher!


5)     Vintage Book Table Numbers

Perhaps instead of a centerpiece you’d prefer to number your tables – in a charming, antique style, of course! All you need is the same number of books as your tables, coloured tape (2-3 colours), an X-Acto knife and a white coloured pencil. In your quest for vintage books, try to find ones that have romantic titles and have a good, antique look to them. Next, lightly sketch the table number on the cover of your first book with a white coloured pencil. Choose your first colour of tape, and tape over your pencil outline. Choose your next colour of tape over the tape you’ve just placed, staggering a little so that your first layer of tape is showing. Repeat again with your third colour of tape and you’re set!



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