September 24, 2019 | Wedding

Eco-Friendly Weddings: An Emerging Trend in Canada

Don’t just save the date — save the Earth.

From compostable invitations to ‘gently used’ wedding gowns, couples are looking for greener wedding options.


In a recent CBC article, “The bride wore green: Eco-friendly weddings are a budding business in Manitoba” light is shed on the emerging trend of greener weddings across Canada.


More and more couples are looking to save money – and the earth – by opting for more eco-friendly wedding options.

Take a look at what some Manitoba business are doing to support this booming trend.


From consignment boutiques that exclusively sell second-hand wedding dresses, to paper-goods shops such as Botanical PaperWorks, which uses post-consumer material to make paper that is then planted back into a pot after serving its wedding purpose (the seeds germinate and grow into an eco-keepsake).

The green tinge on weddings is a trend that’s expected to keep on growing, as couples make a commitment to protect the planet along with each other.



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