September 6, 2017 | Wedding

The Best Tools to Simplify Your Wedding Planning

Planning for your big day involves a lot of organization, task management, and ongoing to-do lists. Thanks to technology, there are lots of new apps and online tools that can make planning your big day a whole lot easier.

We’ve identified some of the best tools that will help you plan for everything from seating arrangements, wedding invitations, budget, to music and more!


Say yes to less stress with Trello! Keep yourself organized using the Trello dashboard, start with a masterlist of every single thing you need to buy, book, plan, or make, then divide the tasks and priorities them week by week. Check out these tips to make the best use of your Trello board.


Paperless Post

If you’re not the paper-invitations type and would rather track your wedding RSVPs online, this is the perfect app to do so. Users can create, send and track cards and invitations with ease. Paperless post is innovating on tradition and redefining the way you connect with people both online and off.


Keeping track of all your wedding expenses can be extremely difficult — you’ll be burning through a lot of cash without some proper budget planning. Mint lets you monitor your spending on an easy-to-use interface. After link your debit and credit credits to the platform, your key spending categories will be spelled out to you in the form of pie charts. You’ll be able to set up budgets in individual categories, and receive alerts when funds are running low.

All Seated

Couples and event planners use AllSeated to develop seating charts and create venue layouts. You can instantly create seating arrangements by applying the guest list to the floorplan. The best part? It’s collaborative, so your event planner or bridal party can help you out in real time.


Is there anything Etsy can’t do? Apparently not, because pretty much anything wedding-related that you can’t find through other vendors is here. Looking for Scrabble cake toppers, custom-made place cards, custom-made marquee lights, an Art Deco mirror, footless jeweled sandals, or basically anything else you can dream up? It’s all at your fingertips, and will get delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy.

Do you have a tool that would make wedding planning a whole lot easier? Share with us on our Facebook page!


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