September 15, 2016 | Wedding

Transforming Your Event Space With Styling

14362648_10154471009553468_3000496837410605775_oFrom the moment you enter the door at an event the design of the space makes an impact. So impress your guests by creating a memorable and immersive experience with the following styling tips.
1. A well-designed centerpiece will be the center of attention at the dinner table – guests have no choice but to spend most of the event gazing into the centerpieces. Add in great flowers and decorations to have your guests admiring the table all night long!

2. Adding ribbon or fabric can quickly transform plain walls or chairs into decorative aspects of the space.

3. Lighting determines the event’s ambiance. Choose from fluorescent, regular or dim lighting depending on the type of event.

4. Choose the furniture wisely – square tables, round tables, benches, cushion chairs…the opportunities to utilize various types of furniture are endless.

5. Digital Styling’ involves the use of projection, digital backdrops, banners and sets and provides a customized and tailored event space and experience. Image projection can transform a room into a living space – you can take your attendee on a visual journey using moving imagery or video.

Looking to host an event at SVCC? Let us help you bring your vision to life. Our professional decorator will actualize your décor ideas in order to reflect your personal style and create an experience that your guests will remember forever. Give us a call today!







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