June 5, 2017 | Wedding

How To Keep Your Guests Happy On Your Wedding Day

You can’t please everyone… can you? Yes, your wedding day is all about you and your significant other but don’t forget this special day is a party and you are the host. Your guests want to be taken care of and you are primarily responsible for making them feel welcome and comfortable. So follow these tips and we’ll guarantee a celebration everyone will enjoy!

Wedding Day Timeline

Work with your venue coordinator to make sure the timeline of your wedding flows smoothly. You don’t want your ceremony to be long and drawn out or your guests will get bored. Avoid long pauses between the ceremony and reception and your guests will thank you.

Say No To Cash Bars

Cash bar is never an acceptable money-saving solution. Swallow that expensive bill by thinking about this: You would never ask guests to pay for a cocktail in your own home; your wedding should be the same. If you’re on a budget, a full bar isn’t necessary, but providing drinks for your guests is.

Provide Transportation

If your wedding reception and ceremony locations are far apart you should provide guest transportation. Besides the obvious safety concerns of drinking and driving, your guests will just be grateful you have given them one less thing to think about.

Keep Your Guests Warm

If you plan to host an outdoor affair in the autumn or winter, when temperatures drop, consider offering a basket with shawls or blankets for guests who might feel the cold a little more than others, and umbrellas in case of a downpour.

Beat the Heat

However, if you’re hosting a summer wedding and temperatures are on their way up, consider arranging portable fans, extra shade, and have bottles of water available for your guests. This will help your guests enjoy the big day without worrying about over-heating.

Be Gracious Hosts

Failing to acknowledge any gift or thoughtful gesture with handwritten, personalized thank-you notes is always an etiquette faux pas and never a breach that goes unnoticed.

Planning a wedding, staying on budget, and most importantly keeping your guests satisfied, is a lot to juggle. There is a balance between planning the wedding of your dreams, and keeping in mind all the guests who will attend your wedding.

As we mentioned, it’s all about making your guests comfortable and giving them a good time. And if you’re having the best day ever, chances are they are too.

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