October 8, 2014 | Wedding

How to Add Personal Touch to Your Wedding

Adding personal touches to your wedding not only make it unique, but it also makes it more memorable for your guests who will forever remember your wedding as standing out from the rest!

signature coctails

Here are 5 simple yet meaningful ways to incorporate personal touch into your special day:

  1. A custom wedding topper can take your cake from standard to extraordinary! Whether you prefer a sparkly monogram, or an animated topper that looks like you and your partner, the possibilities are endless!
  1. Having a signature cocktail served at your wedding will definitely impress your guests. Come up with a creative name and include all your favourite ingredients.
  1. Making your own wedding décor is one of the easiest ways to add personal touch. From DIY centrepieces, to hanging tea light lanterns and all the details in between. Centrepieces don’t have to incorporate flowers – it’s important to think outside of the box! For example, fruit can add just as much colour as flowers, and costs much less. For a fall wedding, you can make great use of pumpkins for décor and centrepieces. DIY inspired décor is great for those brides on a budget.
  1. Customizing your menu to include some of your favourite foods is something that your guests will appreciate and most certainly not forget. Since the cost of food eats up much of a wedding’s budget, why not offer something you’ll actually enjoy. With enough lead time, your caterer will likely be willing to work with you to come up with a menu that captures the cuisine you want.
  1. Personalized wedding favours remind your guests of your wedding day.


At SVCC, we can help to add those personal touches to make your wedding day spectacular! Our event manager will work with you to choose the right wedding package, provide advice, and help you plan your big day. In addition, our professional decorator will meet with you to ensure that the décor chosen reflects your personal taste and style!


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