June 10, 2016 | Wedding

Common Mistakes a Bride Should Never Make

Being a bride could possibly be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever look forward to. With all the planning and excitement that goes into one of the biggest days of your life, it’s easy to get swept away in it all. Avoid being a bridezilla, be cautious about making these 4 wedding day no-no’s and your day should be smooth sailing.

1. Don’t Make Your Bridesmaids Sacrifice an Entire Paycheck for their Dress

The cost of a bridesmaids dress can add up quickly. Don’t lose sight of expenses and make your bridesmaids pay what feels like an arm and a limb for their dress. Consider what your bridesmaids feel comfortable spending on the dresses, and try not to go over the budget. Remember, they will only probably ever wear this dress once.

2. Don’t Seat a Single Guest at a Table with all Couples

It’s okay to mix it up a little with your seating plan, don’t worry about your guests being surprised. However, don’t seat one single friend at a table with all couples! This act will make him or her feel like the entire room is mocking them. If you know they will be the only single guest, let them bring a date, or at least a friend. Give yourself enough time to plan your seating arrangements to avoid mistakes like this one.


3. Don’t Overload Your Mom’s Big Day To-do List

Of course you can’t do it all yourself, especially when your feeling overwhelmed and a little bit stressed on the big day – fine. Most brides will turn to Mom (or their sister or their maid of honour) to make sure things go as planned on the big day. These folks are usually happy to help in any way they can — but hey, didn’t they come here to party too? Before you hand your mom or maid of honour a mega-task list, consider splitting jobs among a larger group of people — friends, cousins, or aunts. They’ll be glad to lend a hand, and this will remove some pressure from mom!

4. Don’t Skip a Thank You Note

There is no excuse out there that can explain why you forgot to send a thank you note. You can find the time to write a simple note to express your gratitude. Everyone deserves appreciation, not just for the gifts, but also for sacrificing their precious time for your special day.

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