August 13, 2015 | Wedding

8 Wedding Tricks Every Bride Needs to Know.

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, we have gathered some of the best wedding tips and hacks to help your day be as hassle free as possible! These 8 tricks will ensure your day goes as perfectly as you’ve always imagined.

1. Number your RSVP Cards! This allows you to easily keep track of who has or hasn’t responded. It’s also a bonus if you can keep better track, especially if you get a response that is missing a name, you will still know who sent it.

Wedding Planning - Cards






2. Get a 2-3 tier cake for display/ cutting at the ceremony but then serve guests from a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen! This allows you to fairly budget for a beautiful cake without going over your wedding expenses.

Wedding Cake








3. Break in your Wedding heels in advance of the special day (for yourself and the bridal party) with a blowdryer, or in a more traditional way by wearing your heels while taking some laps around your house. The last thing you need is sore feet on your big day!

Wedding Shoes






4. Veil weights are a Bride’s best friend! Especially if you’re looking to tie the knot at an outdoor ceremony, these weights are a necessity and will help you better maintain your veil preventing it from blowing around in the wind.







5. Have your bra sewn into your dress! Theres a lot going on at your wedding day, the last thing you need to worry about is making sure your strapless bra stays in place. Ask your seamstress to sew your bra of choice into your gown so you wont have to worry about it popping out throughout the night.

Sewn in Bra






6. Make an organized seating chart in a flash with color-coded sticky notes.

Wedding Seat Plan








7. Keep your heels from sinking into the grass while taking photos outdoors! Grab a pair of Solemates from your bridal boutique, these will save your life when you are trying to walk your stilettos through the grass.








8. How do you cut down the time it takes to send thank you notes? When you have a guestlist of 300+ people writing individual thank you notes can get daunting! Make a personalized stamp with your return address to save some time and energy.









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