January 7, 2015 | Wedding

5 Unique Wedding Themes

1. Rustic Barn
You don’t have to be a country girl to appreciate the beauty of a rustic farm. You can give any space that look and feel with some simple and inexpensive items. For example, using twigs or wheat sheaf as a centerpiece. You can also add accents of burlap, mason jars, pinecones and slices of logs. If you want to go all the way, you could even consider cowboy boots under your wedding dress!

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2. Starry Night
Think ethereal and dramatic, deep shades of indigo and cream with accents of gold. Whether it’s decorating your venue with twinkle lights, adding glimmering gold centerpieces and glass stars, a ‘starry night’ theme is perfect for a dramatic and unforgettable wedding theme!


3. Luxury Vintage Travel
For those of you who feel you were born in the wrong decade, a luxury vintage wedding theme may be just for you! From a pin-curl hairstyle and a long strand of pearls, to even antique sepia tone invites, this theme is sure to be remembered. Decorate your venue with faux-passports and thrift store suitcases.


4. Parisian Chic
For the feminine mademoiselle, Parisian chic capitalizes on the finer things in life. Delicate hues of cream, blue and pink alongside lace and floral accents. Beautifully refined – think a glorious layered cake, tons of candles and a frilly-frock of a wedding dress!


5. A Touch of Sparkle
For a touch of sleek sophistication, go with hues of mustard yellow, navy blue and dark mauve. Accents such as the centerpieces, utensils and bridesmaids dresses can all be spiced up with glittering gold and subtle sequins!


At SVCC we aim to help you create your dream wedding in any way that we can, to learn more about the services and spaces that we offer, visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your wedding or other event needs


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