May 20, 2015 | Ukrainian Traditions

5 Fascinating Ukrainian Castle Legends

Though castles may seem like the stuff of fairy tales, Ukraine is actually home to some of the most beautiful and unique castles in Europe! What’s more? Some of these castles have truly fantastic legends associated with them! Take a look!


  1. Uzhgorod Castle: Located in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, the Uzhgorod Castle is believed to have been constructed somewhere between the 13th and 18th century. Much of the lore surrounding this castle revolves around the Drugeth family of Hungary, who owned the castle for over four centuries! Legend states that a Polish warrior once set his sights on conquering the castle. In order to plot his plan, he made a visit to the castle incognito. During his visit he became acquainted with the count’s daughter. Beguiled by this handsome stranger, she spilled all of the castles secrets. When the count found out about his daughter’s betrayal, he had her confined to an asylum and executed the Polish warrior. Some say that her spirit still looms in the castle today!



  1. Ostroh Castle: Located in the city of Ostroh in the Rivne Oblast, this castle stood as a fortress for the House of Ostroh. The legend surrounding Ostroh Castle has to do with the princess Galshka of Ostroh, who was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time in Eastern Europe, and her betrothal to a powerful Lithuanian aristocrat. It is said that on her wedding day a violent storm broke out blowing out candles and oil lamps and causing the church bells to ring aggressively. This priest saw this as a bad omen and insisted that they halt the ceremony, but her family insisted the union commence. After the wedding, the princess was distraught about marrying a man she did not love and flung herself from the balcony that night. Somehow in a twist of fate the princess didn’t die, the wind picked her up, and it is now said that her ghost wanders the castle grounds on moonlit nights.



  1. Kremenets Castle: Situated in Kremenets, the castle was built on a steep hill and was commonly known as the impregnable citadel to ward off feared Mongols. The castle was owned for 20 years by the Polish princess, Bona Sforza, and accumulated many strange legends over the years. The most widespread one claims that Bona hid her treasures on the hill where the castle sits, and every Easter her ghost wanders among the castle’s ruins. The legend states that whoever dares to kiss her ghost will receive the key to her treasure chamber. However,the door opens with the first chime of the Easter bell and closes with the last. If you’re not out in time… she claims you as her own!



  1. Palanok Castle: Located in Mukachevo, Palanok Castle was built sometime in the 14th century by the noble family of Aba. One of the many tales associated with the castle regards the 85-meter-deep well that can still be seen in the courtyard today. Though the digging of the well took a long time, no water came from it. Knowing of this conundrum, the devil appeared and offered the prince of the castle a deal; water in the well for a sack of gold. The prince was desperate and had no choice but to agree. On account of the prince’s dire financial situation, he simply placed two gold coins in a sack and handed it over to the devil. Vexed and angry, the devil jumped into the well and his angry howls can still be heard to this day.

palanok castle in mukachevo


  1. Lubart Castle: Located in Lutsk, Lubart Castle is one of the oldest castles in all of Europe. The castle’s legend focuses on its former owner, Prince Lubart, and his tragic unreturned love for a beautiful woman named. Enraged by her rejection, the prince ordered to have her confined to one of the castle’s towers until she agreed to marry him. Oksana did not budge and despite her imprisonment, denied Lubart’s hand in marriage. Upon hearing this, Lubart commanded his guards to kill the rebellious Oksana. Oksana’s ghost is now said to roam the castle walls.


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