November 15, 2017 | Holidays

How to Plan a Successful Company Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us and they can be a tricky time when it comes to planning year-end gatherings. Everyone is busy booking up their schedule, running last minute errands, or trying to set a side some personal time to see family and friends. Do you want to ensure your company holiday party is a success? Follow these tips! 

Choose a convenient party date early in the season and give everyone enough notice. The holidays are always a jam-packed with very little free time to spare. To make sure people aren’t stressing over conflicting schedules, give advance notice of when the party will be held and try to be mindful when picking a date. Keep in mind many people are more likely to be booked-up the closer you get to the end of December!

Send a festive invite to get your employees attention. If you really want to get your employees in the holiday spirit avoid sending another memo or email. Send a personalized letter to excite everyone about the upcoming event. Bonus points if you mention food, alcohol, or door prizes!

Choose a convenient location or arrange transportation for your guests. If you are throwing the holiday party outside of the office, make it easy for all your guests to attend. Simple, the easier to attend the happier your guests will be.

Create a festive atmosphere to set the party mood. Everyone loves the festivity of the holidays so don’t cheap out on decorations. Don’t be afraid of choosing a theme, the more creative the better!

Have a variety of food and drinks to meet dietary needs. When the office holiday invitation is extended out to family members or plus-ones, you may want to be extra cautious of allergies or dietary restrictions. Consider adding a line to the invitation card instructing people to advise you of any special requests. Ensure there is plenty of food to go around, this is one way tomake sure everyone is happy not hungry! 

Don’t be afraid to suggest the recommended attire for the night.  Party guests will appreciate knowing the dress code ahead of time. Let them know whether their attire should be for a “festive” or “cocktail” night, or if they should expect to come more formal.

Tis the season to come together, show your employees how valuable they are and what a great job they have done this past year. The company holiday party should be a memorable one, so make sure to follow these tips to ensure it’s success.

Are you planning an upcoming corporate holiday event? Try out some of our conversation and networking tips! If you’re looking for a venue, we’re here to help.

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