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Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Event

When planning an event, colour is an extremely important consideration. It can dramatically affect your guests’ moods and lead to certain emotional reactions. Most often, when it’s a personal event, such as a wedding, the bride tends to select her favourite colours as the colour scheme for the big day.

It’s important to understand the psychology and meaning of particular colours before choosing them, to ensure that your event is perfect in all aspects. When choosing a colour, it’s important not only for the décor, but for the flowers, lighting and menu choices.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

If you’ve already picked out colours or are still deciding, design expert Nancy Stoltz provides a great reference of what certain colours mean:

White: Pure, clean, innocent in Western cultures; mourning in Eastern cultures; creates a sense of space

Black: Sophistication, power, elegance; in some cultures it represents death or mourning, but in others it can mean life or rebirth; appropriate colour for high-end, black tie events.

Red: Excitement, passion, intensity; creates very strong emotions and is attention-grabbing; causes blood pressure and heart rate to rise; great colour for themed events where guests are encouraged to move throughout the venue.

Orange: Vibrancy, energy, excitement; creates a playful environment for your guests.

Yellow: Cheery, warm, alert; this colour can also create frustration and anger and is fatiguing to the eye; best to use with another colour or as an accent and not as a major backdrop.

Green: Natural, healthy, tranquil; creates a calming effect, relieves stress

Blue: Peace, trust, loyalty; lowers pulse rate and body temperature

Purple: Royalty, wisdom, wealth; an exotic colour that is associated with luxury and extravagance

It can be very easy to get carried away with the endless number of colours that are available. We recommend sticking to 2 colours in order to keep things simple. You should choose one colour that’s dominant, while the other is complementary. Don’t worry – if you host an event at our facilities, our event planner will work with you to choose the best scheme for your event.  Contact us to book your next event today!




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