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Choosing a Seating Style

After confirming the venue for your event, your next major decision is how to design the layout of the room. This is important, as how you decide to arrange the room can impact how your guests interact with each other. Whether you’re hosting a gala or a business conference, the arrangement of your guests can affect how they interact with each other and understand your message.

Take a look at our guide to help you understand how particular styles work best for certain events:


This round-table style allows all guests to face each other. It is most often used at weddings, galas and other black-tie events.

banquet round-tables


This style differs from the rest, as there are no tables or chairs, which allows guests to move around freely. This also allows you to use the full capacity of the room, however, there is no opportunity to sit while consuming food and drink.

cocktail style event


This is one of the simplest styles, with chairs aligned in rows. All seats face forward making it a popular option for conferences, meetings and announcements.

theatre style seating


This style reflects the seating you’d find in a classroom or lecture hall. It is perfectly suited for conferences, lectures and seminars, as tables are provided for note-taking and having a meal.

classroom style seating

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